First, let us define the word “Bloatware” – Bloatware is a software that have a larger installation footprint, or have many unnecessary features that are not used by end users, or just generally use more system resources than necessary, while offering little or no benefit to its users. Other definition for bloatware is a software that uses large amount of a computer resources and slows down other applications.


Below is some examples of software that Amorca Computer and Web Solutions believe to be bloatware

Apple’s iTunes, which has been accused of being bloated as part of its efforts to turn it from a program that plays media to an e-commerce and advertising platform
Microsoft Windows has also been criticized as being bloated – with reference to Windows Vista, Microsoft engineer Eric Traut commented that “A lot of people think of Windows as this large, bloated operating system, and that’s maybe a fair characterization
Nero Burning ROM have become criticized for being bloated.[16] Superfluous features not specifically tailored to the end user are sometimes installed by default through express setups.


Some applications, such as Mozilla Firefox and Winamp, package additional functionality in plug-ins, extensions or add-ons which are downloaded separately from the main application. These can be created by the software developer and often by third parties. Plug-ins enable extra functionality which might have otherwise been packaged in the main program.

Allowing extensions reduces the space used on any one machine, because even though the application plus the “plug-in interface” plus all the plug-ins is larger than the same functionality compiled into one monolithic application, it allows each user to install only the particular add-on features required by that user, rather than force every user to install a much larger monolithic application that includes 100% of the available features.


No, you do not need bloatware for it will jsut be taking up hard drive space and take system processes. Amorca Computer Repair and Website Design Solutions of Reading PA believe that when purchasing a brand new computer, we should receive a Bloatware Free PC or send the bill to the computer manufacturer for Bloatware Removal. One think that Amorca Computer and Web Solutions does not understand is why do I have to pay to have something removed when I did not ask for it or don’t even want nor need.


Unnecessary programs that are part of many new computers (free trials for AOL, or MS Office, or an anti-virus program). Many users feel that the only software that should be on a new computer is the fully-functioning software that is part of the purchase price.

When purchasing a new computer, I DO NOT WANT to see the following crapware installed unless it is the full software and not just the trial version

Microsoft Office Trial version
Any special offers from any ISP, such as AOL
Trial Games
Trial Antivirus programs or Trial Security Suites
Trial of CD Burning Utilities
Search Engine Toolbars

Do you need help setting up your brand new PC and remove all the bloatware/crapware installed by the manufacturer? If so, contact the Bloatware Removal Expert of Reading, PA at 484-220-1888

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